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Free ADT Taxi to the Leicester City Memorial
By ADT Taxis
Thursday - November 1, 2018 9:42 am
The team here at ADT Taxis are heartbroken by the events at Leicester City. We have been supporters of the fans with 100% LCFC for the last few years, and we have all enjoyed the magical ride, but we know some fans may struggle to get to the Vichai Memorial at the ground, so we are offering a limited amount of FREE taxis for those most in need.

We know that many thousands of fans from ALL football clubs have been making the pilgramege to the King Power to show their respects for Vichai and the other 4 people who so sadly died in the tragic accident.

But with our day to day Taxi service, we know there are many local people who struggle to get around, and may be desperate to get to the stadium but find that it is beyond their means.

We often help pepople with disabilities, or elderly people to get to and from the shops, and our drivers take the time to help them with their shopping, and it is these sorts of fans who may well want to take us up on our offer of a free ADT Taxi to and from the ground.

We have a limited number of FREE lifts we can offer, so if this would help YOU, or you know somebody who may benefit from this, please do get in contact with us via the email below.

We would also like to take this opportunity for the whole ADT Taxis team, from our 300+ drivers, to the admin staff in our call centres, and offices to pass on our heart felt condolances to everybody connected with the Football Club, from the players, Manager, ground staff, retail team, events team and of course all the Leicester City fans we take to and from the matches each week.

In addition to the offer of a Free taxi to those who may need it, we are also adding an option onto our ADT App, which allows you to book a taxi, where customers can donate money to the Leicester Royal Infermary Childrens Ward, We know that this offers the community a fantastic service, one which many of us have used or know a friend or relative who has used it, and we know that Vichai himself held this local charity dear with his amazing donations himself. Customers can donate as little as 25p via our app on each journey they take, and we hope that whatever the amount we raise, it will honour the memory of Vichai and help youngsters in our community.

If you would like to request a FREE ADT TAXI to the ground please email :

Please DOWNLOAD our app, and make a donation next time you book an ADT Taxi here

*A limited number of free taxis available on a first come first serve basis for those most in need. Within a 5 mile radius of the King Power Stadium.


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